Ellen Redd

Ellen Redd

License #S.0064902

Office Address

6605 Grand Montecito Pkwy 150

Las Vegas, NV 89149

About Ellen

I have always thrived in social settings and enjoy interacting with the public. As a result I earned my degree in Mass Communications and Public Relations and have worked in this arena for most of my professional career. I have worked with foreign dignitaries, local media, charity organizations and athletic teams to bring businesses together with the community to achieve a successful outcome in marketing events and to grow businesses and organizations through community involvement. With this experience and ability to communicate, I have had great success in understanding the needs of my clients, and therefore to achieve succesful transactions, with satisfied home owners. My excellent organizational skills have proven to save time and money for employers and clients in the past. For example; when working with an REO team, I was able to develop a system that increased our score from 70% to 98% completion and efficiency, within my first month. This earned our office more business in assets to manage than any other team in Las Vegas, and made our daily work load more manageable. I have worked with several banks in assett management, BPO's, Short Sales, investment properties, auctions, commercial leasing and nearly every facet of real estate. I have had experience as a compliance officer, reviewing and correcting thousands of real estate contracts, and know contracts extensively. This is an incredible assett to real estate clients, as one small error in a contract can be potentially devastating. For as long as I can remember, I have had a great ability to relate to others, in social settings. I have used the experience and knowledge gained throughout my life, to relate to many people from all different backgrounds, and can communicate well wit


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