Ryan         Crighton

Ryan Crighton

License #BS.0000254

Office Address

1700 W. Horizon Ridge Pkwy

Henderson, NV 89012

About Ryan

RYAN CRIGHTON At just sixteen years old, Ryan began working with older Brother Richard Crighton and long time friend Chris Shelton renovating residential real estate assets and acquiring tenants. His motivation and sophistication led him to graduate an entire year early from high school and immediately upon turning eighteen entering the real estate world and opening Crighton Real Estate Holdings. His first sale was a five acre parcel, sales price one million three hundred thousand dollars. From there, the sky's the limit. To people who know the three partners, Ryan is the glue that holds the team together. Quintessentially a detail man, Ryan is constantly combing all contracts, deal points, joint venture offers looking for the holes and ultimately protecting the company. His people skills have led him to be the "go-to" man when problems arise and a mediator is necessitated. Ryan put together a team of residential short sale experts and has continued to be one of Las Vegas' finest bank negotiators. Although his job duties remain long, he continues to oversee this portion of the real estate brokerage helping one family at a time relieve the stress of these underwater homes. Ryan is an expert in commercial/residential property management and tenant relations. He has been recognized several times as the "Who's Who in Las Vegas Real Estate", including this honor for the first time at just twenty-three years old. In 2009, with the concentration diversifying, the three, namely Richard, Ryan and Chris opened the Rothwell Gornt Companies, a holding company with the Real Estate Brokerage as the flagship. The Rothwell Gornt Companies remains one of the fastest growing real estate companies in Las Vegas due to it's uncanny ability to close deals successf


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