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Lisa Simpson

License #S.0049619

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6628 Sky Pointe Dr Ste 200

Las Vegas, NV 89131

About Lisa

My name is Lisa Simpson, and like an attorney, I am known for my negotiating skills most of all….. I am also one who is creative when it comes to problem solving as well as thinking outside of the box. I like to figure out what the missing piece of the puzzle is and once I have solved the mystery, run with it…. I like to be challenged at times and am a hard working agent that is successful in great part due to my clients faith and belief in me as well as the ultimate compliment of trust! I believe that in life, your word is your bond and without that, you have nothing. I am old school, so to speak. I am driven, determined, direct, honest, persistent as well as extremely stubborn. In other words, I don’t like to lose and quit is a word I stay away from, completely. I am a your agent from beginning till the end and even after the transaction is over I am their to assist and or advise you anyway I can when it comes to your real estate needs. I will continue to represent you and provide you with the service as well as the professionalism you are not only entitled to but deserve. . I go above and beyond for my clients and their needs. I am a very persistent person that wants to not only get the results that my clients are expecting but exceed what their expectations are. I am the agent that can not only find the so called needle in a haystack but has the experience in obtaining it! I am well aware of the changes in our market place and am experienced with working with all different types of banks as well as asset managers and know what they are, in a sense looking for. It is an aggressive market and your representation needs to be strong, professional and most importantly, precise. It is not always the highest offer that gets accepted. In many cases


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