Tamra        Trainer

Tamra Trainer

License #BS.0035530

Office Address

2298 Horizon Ridge Parkway 114

Henderson , NV 89052

About Tamra

Tamra J Trainer was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica. Upon completion of high school at “Hillel Academy” she moved to Toronto, Canada where she opened up an import/export company with her father at the age of 19. Although Tamra experienced great success with her newly founded company, she watched her friends that were in the real estate business with envy saying to herself “One day, I’m going to become a very successful real estate agent.” Tamra didn’t have time to follow through with her dreams as she went to Las Vegas with a group of girlfriends for a week of fun and moving to Las Vegas less than a year later.   She opened up and ran a pool hall upon relocating that was such a success, they received an offer to buy it; subsequently selling it a year later.   A close  friend who was a real estate broker specializing in Commercial real estate encouraged Tamra to get her license and in the interim, Tamra could work with her while she learned the ropes. Since that time has passed, Tamra has never had any regrets. What Tamra has accomplished in her real estate career will impress anyone. Her philosophy has always been "Whatever everyone is doing, do the opposite and you will get most or all of the business".  So that is why she always had the ability to sell properties that most agents were not. By the time others caught on to what she is doing, Tamra had already developed another niche, Luxury Highrise Properties concentrating mainly on Turnberry Place and Turnberry Towers.  She then founded "Vertical Realty" an exclusive highrise Brokerage and was hired by a developer in Boston to market and sell a Billion dollar highrise project.  Tamra founded Aston Realty Group in 2011 and has become the leading Highrise Broker for Turnberry Properties.


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